Select white water flagship paddle.
Cut out for adventure, the W1 is a high- ly versatile paddle. Extremely resistant, this paddle can go anywhere and is multi- purpose.
W1 standard is delivered with kevlar carbon blades and ergonomic carbon shaft (ova- lized tube).

start from 289.00 €

Référence : KB-W1



Blades dimensions
W1 dimension (cm) surface (cm²)
Large 47 x 20.5 703
Medium 46 x 20 648

Blades design


Straight Carbon shaft
Straight Carbon Shaft

Ergonomic carbon shaft
Ergonomic Carbon Shaft

ovalized prepreg tubeAvailable in fixed or adjustable mode.The Vario S-Lock can be adjusted over 10cm on straight shaft and 4cm on bent and triple torque shaft. The choice of the feather is infinite.

Adjusting Systems



Customize your W1 paddle, step by step, clicking the right option

1 > Select your blades size

2 > Select your blades models

fiber alu
full carbon
kevlar carbon green


3 > Select your shafts models :

For more information about shaft, check our paddles selector

4 > select a paddle's length :

or enter a custom length (cm) :

5 > Choose your feather :

or enter a custom angle (°) :

Your paddle :

  • Blade size :
  • Blade color :
  • Shafts :
  • Paddle length :
  • Feather :

start from 289.00 €

Référence : KB-W1

Questions & Answers

What is the type of program of the W1 X4?

The W1 X4 is a versatile paddle for white water paddling , which means that you can use it for any river activity : Freestyle, rodeo, extreme races, river playboating, creeking

Are there several blade sizes available for the W1 X4?

There are two sizes available for the W1 X4.

  • Medium for standar builds.
  • Large for stronger builds.

What materials are the blades of the W1 X4 made of ?

The blades of the W1 are available in Fiberglass prepreg.

    What is the standard feather of the W1 X4 ?

    We recommend, for the W1 X4, a 45° right or left angle, according to your preferences. This 45° angle is Standard for river kayak paddles. However, you can order your paddle with a custom feather, with no extra charge. (The feather is the degree angle of the paddle blades are off-set to each other).

    Is the W1 X4 delivered with a paddle grip on straight shafts ?

    Yes, the W1 is delivered with a paddle grip built in the shaft.

    What length should I choose for my W1 X4?

    Consider perusing the "How to Choose your paddle" guide, in order to find some helpful information about paddles length. Here are the most common lengths for the W1 according to the available adjusting systems :

    • Straight Adjustable
      188>198 I 191>201 I 194>204

    How heavy will my W1 x4 be ?

    The weight of your W1 X4 depends on the types of handle and system you choose ! Here are some examples of weight :
    W1 X4 medium will be arround for 191/201 cm : 1280 gr. / 45,1 oz