Since we've launched our website previous version, more than 8000 requests have been answered.

Find below a list of some of the most frequent questions... and their answers !

The specificity of the Select fins is that all the fins are molded inside metal molds with prepreg material from the aviation industry. This requires costly equipment!
Select is the only manufacturer mastering this production technique.
Since 2013, we’ve been making full CNC machined products directly from prepreg plates.
Our new CAD/CAM/CFD software associated to our new UGV large-framed milling machine enable us to make new fins with a superior precision.

The other fins on the market are made in epoxy or in polyester, hand-machined in gross material plates.
The finishing is always done by hand, with its own share of uncertainty. There are no identical fins manufactured with these techniques!

The advantages of Select technologies:

  • The molding and machining ensure a high-precision manufacturing and a constant production
  • Thanks to the use of prepreg, we can put reinforcements of different materials and in different axis to get the twist and flex values we’re looking for
  • Thanks to the molding and machining, the rigidity is controlled, whatever the length of the fin
All of our products are designed and manufactured our in our French plant.
There is no importation of any kind !
No problem at all! You just need to refer to the fin selector to get an accurate answer!
Yes, you just need to fit the fin with longer screws, i.e. with +18 mm screws, if you used to use a Select deep tuttle fin.
We created fins selectors .They are accurate tables, which you can safely rely upon!
You have an issue with the rigging !
Maybe an incompatible mast, which is very frequent! Or incorrectly adjusted sheeting or amure tensions.
Ask your dealer for advice, so that he can adjust your sail, or ask any other person who could give you a hand.

The sail adjustment is crucial, it is the motor! The fin is the transmitter, so when the motor is incorrectly adjusted, you can’t expect any miracle: The fin cannot compensate for everything by itself.
The correct positioning of the foot straps is also often neglected.
Is the distance between them adapted to your morphology ?
Aren’t they too rigid to be one with the board ?

If you check those few points, you’ll improve your performance but also the sailing comfort.
We consider the rider’s weight in our new fins selectors.
This parameter has become mandatory to optimize the range of use of a board-sail assembly.
It’s possible on 100L and 145L-boards, as the scoop rocker lines enable this.
There is a performance gain, but the jibes are a bit difficult to trigger.
For boards under 100L, the use of a slalom fin is more delicate.
The scoop rocker lines being more curved, the rails being thinner, a straight slalom fin would interfere with the board’s balance and the sailing comfort.
In this case, a versatile fin such as the Edge will bring a true versatility between speed and riding comfort.
We are working essentially through a network of distributors or importers.
The dealers are local advisers and representatives of our sport.
The acknowledgement of our practice comes through the windsurf shops and our support is thus necessary for the image of windsurfing.
Select’s e-shop enables you to buy our products online, when you live far away from a windsurf shop or simply don’t want to go to a shop !
E-commerce is now part of the economic landscape.